I admit it.  I’m a bit of a data junkie when it comes to statistic.  I find them fascinating, invaluable tools to help analyze trends and discover patterns and anomalies in Real Estate markets.  While most people are sipping their coffee before heading out the door for work, I’m researching data sources; everything from newspaper articles to statistical analysis programs linked directly to the Canadian Real Estate Association’s National Database.   Some people might find that a bit much, but for me it speaks to my level of enthusiasm and interest in what I do.  It’s also an indication of how much value I place on ensuring I am offering my clients the most current information possible to help them make one of the biggest decisions of their lives.

I make it a habit of posting some of the more insightful information on my social media feeds and my Blog.  I do this not only because I personally find them interesting, but because I want those following me to view me as a sort of filter who picks through all the noise and clutter (and the plethora of local Real Estate information that’s frankly erroneous or taken out of context).  I encourage you to follow me on social media, read my blog and check this page on a regular basis.


Below, I’ve included a useful graph that updates automatically when new data enters the system.  This New vs Sold Listings – Snapshot of all Major Urban Areas in and around St. John’s helps show the following:

  • It demonstrates the amount of new inventory coming on the market versus the actual number of listings sold during the same period.
  • It outlines Supply and Demand forces and gives an indication on price pressures due to oversupply or undersupply of inventories of residential properties on the market.
  • The data covers the primary residential housing market for the major urban areas in and around St. John’s.


Click on one of the links below to see up-to-date insights into the local markets I cover.  There are graphs for three key Real Estate metrics:  

  • Days on Market – How long it’s taking the average home to sell once listed
  • Median Sale Price – The median price for homes in that specific Zone (not to be confused with the mean sale price)
  • Ask to Sell Ratio – The ratio of a homes initial listing price vs what it ultimately sold for

St. John’s (Zone 1); St. Thomas, Paradise, Topsail (Zone 4); Conception Bay South (Zone 5); Northeast Avalon (Zone 6); Mount Pearl (Zone 8)


While these graphs give useful insights into the broader market, if you click here I can provide even more information specific to your neighbourhood.