Property Partners NL

Property Partners NL is a division of my Real Estate business that focuses on Professional Property Management, Property MRO (Maintenance, Repairs and Operations) and Residential Real Estate improvements to help buyers and sellers alike remove barriers to closing.  The critical component to this business is the focus on consulting with property owners and/or buyers to advise them on how to create the greatest ROI from their investment, and we consistently deliver on this commitment.  Our consultative and project management oriented approach enables us to ensure we understand their primary concerns, objectives and financial considerations.  We then propose additional or alternate items that should be considered.  Once the consultative process has concluded, we create a comprehensive Project Management proposal outlining Time, Scope and Budget, including TVM (Time Value of Money) projections and outline potential areas for concern.   

Property Partners NL has its own in house construction and renovation capabilities.  Though small in numbers we’re big on results and are perfectly capable of helping clients address anything from minor fixes due to normal wear and tear from tenants to non-structural overhauls and improvements.  For larger projects involving structural repairs and improvements, we work closely with an outside team of qualified and respected professional (and whenever required), licensed contractors to ensure top quality workmanship.  

Our motto is simple:    (T-Cubed):  

  • Tools: Use only top quality equipment and materials.  
  • Time:  Take the time to do the job right and never cut corners.
  • Talent:  Use only the most talented professionals for the job.

The Real Estate aspect of my business can leverage this experience and capability to help my clients (both buyers and sellers alike) address many common items that come up during the search for a new home or during the negotiating process.  This is especially true for sellers.  There is a mountain of research that proves fixing minor items in or around your property before listing can greatly reduce the overall impact on how much equity you retain after the sale.

Need proof?  Click the link below to read an article from respected Real Estate expert and award winning author, Michael Corbett.


10 Reasons to Make Repairs Before You Sell Your Home