Helping Sellers

Selling your property is a big decision that can be stressful, time consuming and disruptive to you and your family’s routine.  Having moved eighteen times in three different countries, I have a strong personal understanding and appreciation for what sellers go through.  I know how important it is to find the right individual you can trust implicitly, with what is for most people their biggest financial asset.

Highlights on how my experience can sell your home as quickly as possible, and at the best possible price:

  • MBA with a concentration in Marketing:  I have more than twenty years experience working in Professional Selling and Marketing.  I understand how to effectively utilize all aspects of integrated marketing communications to get your property Top of Mind with the right buyers.
  • Certified Social Marketer:  I fully utilize social media marketing to ensure your property gets seen, not just by the most eyeballs, but the right eyeballs!  Social Media marketing is very complex.  Properly understanding, and correctly using the right microdata, metadata, tags, snippet code, tracking code, analytics:  That’s Social Media Marketing.  Understanding all of this allows me to ensure the paid marketing I do gets your house sold.  Paid marketing is not posting a listing on Facebook or Kijiji for free, hoping your friends will pass it along.
  • Certified Graphic Artist:  I am a formally trained and certified graphic artist and I use my years of experience designing promotional material (using state-of-the-art graphics software) to ensure everything visual about your property screams professionalism.  No Smartphone photos here!  I won’t do it.  Sure, today’s smartphone cameras have excellent resolution, however, you can’t put a thousand dollar pro lens on a Smartphone.  Professional photographs and video are critical to making that “first impression.”  Why sell your most valuable possession with poor imagery?  The vast majority of buyers look at images first, not words, when deciding whether or not a property goes from information search to consideration set to purchase.  Poor images or video won’t help sell your property!  People viewing your listing will spend about six seconds looking at it before deciding they want to see more or move on.  I ensure they want to see more!
  • Experienced Renovator:  Having built two of my own homes and renovated many others for myself, friends, family and private clients, I can help you make sure your property is in top shape to attract buyers.  Most importantly, I can help you avoid having your equity squeezed, after accepting an offer, by helping address many of common items that pop up on Home Inspections.  It’s nearly always less costly to fix most issues before a home inspection than it is afterward.


Home valuation:

If you are thinking of placing your property on the market you want to know that it will receive the highest level of exposure to potential clients as possible.  This is where my above combination of skills and experience can help.  I encourage meeting with you, my potential client, to view your property and it’s unique features.  I would be glad to provide you with a no-obligation, no-charge Competitive Market Analysis (CMA) based on recent transactions in your neighbourhood for similar properties.  Certainly, a CMA can serve as a guide, however, I firmly believe every property is unique and a simple CMA based on an internet request may not provide the best assessment of your properties true value (i.e., even if you bought the same model house, in the same year, from the same builder on the same sized lot, you may have opted for porcelain tile and your neighbour may have preferred linoleum).  You can’t judge a book by its cover.

Setting the Asking Price:

Pricing a home properly can make the difference between a quick sale at a good price versus a home remaining on the market for months with little activity.  Every seller wants to get the most equity possible from the sale of their home, however, the longer a home stays on the market, the greater the likelihood the seller must reduce the price to attract new activity.  Have you ever wondered why the house down the road from you was on the market for six months, didn’t sell, was off the market three or four months and back on the market again; this time at a lower price?  Pricing a home correctly is a balancing act between art and science, but statistics consistently show that homes priced at a fair market value ultimately sell for more than homes that were overpriced to start and suffered multiple price drops.

Marketing a home:

Once a market price has been established, promoting your home begins.  Unfortunately, the term “selling” is often used in conjunction with real estate.  For me, promoting a home for sale (or commercial or investment property) is much more than listing the property, placing a sign on the lawn, holding an open house or two, dropping a post on Facebook and keeping your fingers crossed.   I view selling for what it is:  one tool out of six that make up the promotional mix required to truly market a property, not just sell it.  I don’t list houses, I market them!

I work hard to first, earn my clients trust and then, even harder to earn their appreciation.  Please consider giving me the opportunity to help you sell your home as professionally as possible.