Are you curious to know your home’s current market value?

Not all housing markets are created equal!

What’s happening in Vancouver or Toronto doesn’t necessarily correlate to Newfoundland.  More importantly, just because you received a residential tax assessment from your City that says your home is worth $XXX,XXX.XX, that doesn’t mean that’s what the market is willing to pay for your home.  Tax assessments are done every two years, and the last one was done at the peak of the market, before oil prices plummeted.  Don’t confuse a tax assessment with a current market assessment.  Get the facts.  I’m here to help!

If you are interested in selling your home and would like me to help you understand current market forces and what impact they have had on local home prices, please fill in the following valuation and it will be emailed to me. I will contact you at your convenience to set up an appointment to discuss my assessment. Thank you!


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