Baby Realtor®

Who knew?  A Realtor® in a jumper :)

Life takes us down many paths before we find the one that leads us to our true calling.  I’m finally doing something that fits all my ideals for the perfect job:

  1. Do something that allows me to use every little snippet of knowledge and experience I’ve gained throughout my life to make a positive difference for anyone I come into contact with.  Check!
  2. Don’t allow a corporation or its owners to benefit more from my education, experience, work ethic and determination, than I do.  Check!
  3. Work in a field that allows me to feel valued by my clients and my colleagues and offer the same value in return.  Quid pro quo.  Nemo vincit, nisi omnibus vincit!  Check!
  4. Wake up every morning excited to get to work.  Check!